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Vortex 4200 High Speed Printer


The Vortex 4200 can print up to 30 cm per second, making it the fastest inkjet printer of its kind. This means that you can print your wide format sheets extremely quickly, in turn saving costs. The speed of the Vortex 4200 comes from the famous Memjet technology printhead.


The Vortex 4200 is one of the most energy efficient inkjet printers on the market. Coupled with some of the most environmentally friendly inks available, the printer is not only fast, flexible and of premium quality, but also a friendly product for our environment.

Vortex 4200 Highspeed Memjet Printer

Bookeye® 4 V1A

Book Scanner (25" x 33.5")

Scanning A1+ formats at 400 optical dpi, the Bookeye® 4 V1A features an automatic book cradle with up to 10 cm height adjustment, a glass plate that opens automatically and of course the 140 degree V-book cradle.


Bookeye® 4 V1A is the world`s only working A1+ overhead book scanner that accommodates both flat documents - with or without the glass plate; as well as large, fragile bound documents, using the protective V cradle.

Bookeye 4 V1A

Yder X2

Flatbed Colour Scanner (17"x 25")

YDER X2 is the world´s fastest large format colour flatbed, covers applications in every market, whether it is in the medical, government, industrial or graphics arts sector. It scans the full bed (DINA2+, 18.5x25".) at 300dpi color in less than three seconds, which is two times faster than the closest competition.

YDER X2 Flatbed Scanner

Envisiontec Ultra 3D Printer

(with curing station)

EnvisionTEC’s ULTRA® 3SP™ 3D Printer Series uses ground-breaking 3SP™ (Scan, Spin and Selectively Photocure) technology to quickly 3D print highly accurate parts from STL files regardless of the geometric complexity.


The surface quality of the printed models show no signs of stair-stepping on the inner and outer surfaces. The reliability of the imaging light source and the high speed productivity makes it the most competitive 3D printer on the market today.

Ultra 3SP 3D Printer

Envisiontec Mini 3D Printer


The Perfactory® Micro EDU is the smallest desktop 3D printer in size with the highest resolution. It is a low cost, easy maintenance and user friendly personal desktop 3D manufacturing system, designed for producing high quality models, for use by educators, consumers, and design professionals.

Envisiontec Micro Edu
OKI 2050 - 4 roll MFP

includes standard features such as integrated network controller, PC-based software suite (TerioStation), automatic roll paper width detection, dual output slots, large color touch panel, user replaceable process cartridge while providing mid to high volume print speeds and duty cycle.


- High speed printing: 10.0 D-size prints per minute

- High speed scanning: Maximum 240 mm per second

- 8.5-inch colour touch panel

- 2-stage 4-roll feed mechanism

- Long print length up to 15 m

Quantity: 1

OKI Teriostar 2050 MFP


CET X-Press 500

4x8 Flatbed Printer  (reconditioned)

CET 500 Flatbed Printer

The X-Press 500 UV Flatbed printer is ideal for creating point-of-purchase signage, backlit displays, real estate signage and much more. With a remarkable production printing speed of 480 sqft/hr, the X-Press 500 can print up to fifteen 4’x8’ Coroplast boards an hour! The customizable print spooler improves imaging workflow with pre-set media settings, a faster RIP and the ability to change print quality without re-ripping. The integrated 4-zone, reversible vacuum table holds media stationary while printing, eliminating the need for cumbersome jigs and extra setup time.


Quantity: 1

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Contex 5430 Plus Scanner

(54" wide clolour scanner)

Contex 5430 Plus Wide Format Scanner
YDER 48" Pro Scanner

With uncompromising image quality standards, the Contex HD5450 scanner is designed for high-volume productivity for businesses-critical imaging tasks. Whether you are a private business, government or print-for-pay, an HD5450 is the right solution for improved efficiency and productivity.


Artwork, maps and other color- and detail-rich documents are reproduced to perfection, without any document length limit. You don’t have to scan the material in several parts and then stitch the images together afterwards.

Quantity: 1

Quantity: 1

YDER 48" Pro Scanner

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  • Scans 48 inch widths, nearly unlimited length
  • Fastest color scanning at 15 inches per second (22.9 m/min) @ 200 dpi
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi scanner resolution
  • Automatic crop & deskew
  • On the fly rotation while scanning facilitates postprocessing
  • Face up scanning (no more "blind" scanning)
  • Real time display of scanned images, modify images without rescanning
  • Standalone device with its own Linux PC
  • Scan2USB -- Walk up Scanning to any USB device via USB 2.0
  • Scan2Print -- Output to any connected printer or hot folder
  • Scan2Network -- Output to any network drive
  • Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, Multipage PDF
  • Scan2Pad® -- Operation via tablet, smartphone or other mobile device

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Canon 6450 Colour Printer

(24" wide colour printer)

Canon iPF6450 - 12 colour printer with Spectrophotometer

An incredibly large colour spectrum is produced by the 12-Colour LUCIA EX pigment ink set, which also provides better scratch resistance and smoother gradations.


The new Multi-sensor included with this printer provides improved colour density detection and allows for a full calibration to be completed within 15 minutes, with the ability to use non-Canon branded media. A new Colour Calibration Management System allows for colour calibration targets to be created using the iPF6450 with optional spectrophotometer and shared across all new iPFX400 12-colour printers, and the included software allows for all printers on the network to be monitored from one central location.

Quantity: 1

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